iDot stands for I Do One Thing and it’s really simple…

Find out about the nature around you and do one small action, each day, to benefit the natural world. Upload your iDots to inspire others and the counter at the top of the page will go up.
If everyone in the UK did one action every day, the counter would show a staggering 24,500,000,000 iDots – just think what a difference that would make to nature!

Latest iDot Inspiration

Switching to bamboo cotton buds!

As we need to use cotton buds dozens of times a day at work (in a veterinary hospital), we have […]

Imperfection sometimes makes things (and people) prettier

If you are as clumsy as I am you may have a lot of broken things. Don’t throw it away: […]

Old technics = garbage?

It seems that the lifespan of electrical equipment shrank in the past few years. But not because it gets broken […]

Don’t throw away shipping supplies: the family carton

Every time I get a parcel I keep the carton. Every time I get a letter I keep the envelope. […]

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