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Small Actions Make Big Impacts

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Do One Thing for nature with Wildlife Aid

The Wildlife Aid Foundation has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing sick, injured and
orphaned wild animals since 1980. Dealing with over 20,000 wildlife emergencies every year, we’ve
learned a thing or two about British wildlife.
British wildlife and our environment are struggling. The recent State of Nature 2019 report states:
“As wildlife populations decline there is a recognised gap between people’s values and actions, one reason for this lack of engagement is considered to be disconnection from nature: “Simply put, humans don’t protect what they don’t know and value.”

What is iDot?

It stands for I Do One Thing. The concept is simple: find out about the nature around you, then do one small action, each day, to benefit the natural world. If enough individuals do their one thing, the combination of your actions will add up to something very powerful.
Our counter will add up all the iDots, so you can see the scale of the difference you are making by taking part. You can also upload your iDots to show what you have been doing and to inspire others with your activities.

Together we can make a real difference in just three steps:

Choose an iDot    –     Do it     –     Share it

What’s this all about?

So, what makes an iDot? An iDot is one simple action – putting out food and water for wildlife, picking up litter, rejecting single-use plastic, turning off the tap, making a hole in a fence for a hedgehog, planting for wildlife… the list is endless.
The counter on the iDot site adds up everyone’s iDots. By adding to the counter you inspire others and you can see the huge change we can make together.
Want to take part? Simply click here to register.
We’re also doing iDot in schools – activities that will inspire the youngest generation to love
nature and grow up seeing it as something to protect, not exploit.
iDot has such huge potential. There are 67 million people living in the UK. If everyone did one simple action, every day, that would be 24,455,000,000 positive planet-preserving actions a year.
Think of the amazing difference that would make.

iDot for Schools Resources

When you sign up for your school, you’ll be able to download a whole range of iDot resources. You’ll get a baseline tracker and planner to check and develop what’s in your school grounds; monthly activity charts showing what’s happening in nature that month; lots of activities to do with our iDot characters, iSee, iHear, iDo and iPlan and a set of Wild Cards to find out more about our wonderful wildlife.

Think about the number of children in your class; 30 children doing one iDot each per week would add up to 1,560 iDots for the environment a year. An iDot a day (like picking up litter or not using a plastic straw) would be an amazing 10,950 iDots a year! And, if your whole school did iDot – then imagine the change your school could make.

Some simple iDots:

  • Go on a sound walk
  • Look for animal tracks
  • Say no to plastic straws
  • Plant a snowdrop
  • Pick up litter
  • Tell your friends about iDot

It all starts with one iDot – let’s Do it!

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