Do one small action to help our planet

756 iDots

Small actions make big impacts!



iDot stands for I Do One Thing and it’s really simple…

Find out about the nature around you and do one small action, each day, to benefit the natural world. Upload your iDots to inspire others and the counter at the top of the page will go up.
If everyone in the UK did one action every day, the counter would show a staggering 24,500,000,000┬áiDots – just think what a difference that would make to nature!

Latest iDot Inspiration

Buy recycled toilet paper!

Loo roll is currently in short supply at our local supermarkets. However, have you ever stopped to think about how […]

Sow pumpkin seeds for Halloween

Why not try growing your very own pumpkin for halloween this year?! Spring is the perfect time of year to […]

Regularly clean out & move bird feeders

Bird feeders are one of the small ways in which everyone can help their local wildlife. however, its very important […]

Use both sides of the paper

Paper is one of the largest polluters, taking 10 litres of water to produce a single sheet of A4! Paper […]

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