Month: January 2020

iHelped save a pigeon from fishing wire whilst on holiday

Whilst away in the Canary Islands, myself and two others spotted one of the pigeons being fed, had wire wrapped tightly around its feet!

We managed to attract it with crumbs, just close enough to grab it and remove the wire with nail clippers.

Hopefully it will now live a long and happy life.

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Keep a hole in a frozen pond

My garden pond kept freezing over during the night, trapping the frogs and insects underwater, so I put a half-filled water bottle in there overnight. This is removed each morning, leaving a hole for anything that needs it!

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Our Pond

When we built the Pond it was only a couple of months before the Frogs moved in.  We now have Dragonflies and Newts too.

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Walk to work or school instead of driving

Walking instead of driving can not only improve your health, but also reduces the amount of emissions released, in to the air from your car’s exhaust! 

Driving emits harmful chemicals in to the air we breath, in turn, damaging our longterm health as well as the planets. 

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