Month: December 2020

Create a winter shelter for small animals

I live in what would be considered a suburban area in Southern Ontario, Canada.  For the last few years, in the late autumn I have created a sheltered area for small wildlife under a large tree in my front garden.  First, I rake all of the leaves from my yard under the tree, as well as the acorns and the cones from evergreens.  These leaves create shelters for mice and possibly voles; they eat the acorns and cones, and create tunnels under the leaf piles for entrance and egress.  When the snows come – it is commonplace in my area to have 15 cm+ (6 inch) snowfalls – the first thing we do is shovel snow on the lowest west-facing boughs, which essentially cements them into place for the winter.  This creates a windbreak and shelter for rabbits on cold or windy nights when they come out of their burrows to forage.  (They don’t stay there during the day, as it is within a few feet of the pavement where people walk their dogs.)

The attached photos were taken after two consecutive days of 15+ cm snow falls (we certainly had a White Christmas!) so  the snow looks fairly deep, but in fact it’s less than 10 cm.

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Say no to plastic cutlery

After just one single use, most of them are thrown out and end up in landfills and waterways. Owing to its small diameter it is unlikely they will be recycled as it will fall out during a process designed to remove small items of contamination.

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