Month: March 2021

Brush your dog for the birds!

When you groom your dog don’t throw away the hair that comes off him/her. Instead I gather it up and put it in a bush somewhere up off the ground away from cats so the birds can use the hair to line their nests.

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Reusing cardboard boxes 3 times

I moved house and used cardboard boxes that were second hand and then passed them on again in the local area. No need to buy more virgin cardboard at all

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Upcycle old wooden pallets for garden planters

We gathered unwanted wooden pallets from neighbours that were throwing them away after doing gardens works. After a little bit of DIY we turned them into two planters for our garden to plant our own veggies.

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shop local

shop locally to reduce your carbon footprint



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Good eco swaps

Tea bags – biodegradable tea bags

Shampoo bottles – shampoo bars

Bottled water – reusable bottle

Tupperware – reuse plastic takeaway boxes

Throwing away – giving to charity shops

Plastic packaged kitchen roll – paper packaged kitchen roll

Toilet roll – recycled toilet roll

Plastic bags – bags for life

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