Month: April 2021

Litter pick

Litter pick in Cuerden Valley Park

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Use potato peels for home made crisps

We used to compost our potato peelings along with our other vegetable off-cuts. Instead of throwing them away though, put them in a large oven dish with some olive oil, and whatever herbs or spices you like (we used salt, pepper, paprika and thyme). Give them a good mix with your hands to make sure they’re well coated in your spice mix and bake at 200C for 10-15mins, or until crispsy!

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Saving on electricity or gas


When cooking my pasta or rice, I turn off my gas stove 1-2 minutes before they turn soft as I wish them to be, so they finish cooking in the still very hot water. Same with eggs, vegetables…


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One year vegan

As of today I am one year vegan.

I consider this my first i Dot, because removing myself as a customer from any kind of animal produce, removes my support of those systems.

Being vegan means caring for animals, for humanity and the environment. Especially cheap meat and milk is tied to mass production, which is built on animal and human exploitation. Every child and their parents know that a lot of greenhouse emission is tied to cows and with being vegan I can say I don’t support that.

Maybe in the following year after removing myself as a customer the industry will have fewer cows to suffer and to pollute the environment because of it.

Maybe it could influence them to clear less rain forest to grow crops for animals.

Maybe through changing my diet I can preserve habitats for many endangered species, including jaguars and orangutans.

Maybe those aims are just hopes, but I will try my best to make it clear: it is still worth it. Because that maybe is better than nothing.

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Wash with nature

to reduce our plastic, we were going to swap to washing powder but we didn’t have room for the big boxes.So we found these compressed washing powder that almost looked like tablets, they are not individually wrapped!


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