Month: April 2021

Switched to a shampoo bar

To save plastic we have made the switch to shampoo bars. This will reduce our use of plastics and the minimal packaging the shampoo bar comes in is more widely recyclable. Also contains more natural ingredients than our regular shampoo which means the solid shampoo bar should go through less carbon-heavy manufacturing.

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On a bug and bird hunt across the fields

We went on a walk across the fields near us identifying birds, finding bugs and identifying plants that we saw. The most interesting finds were some badger sets (definitely in use) and a spider we found under some bark, which had shed its old skin inside a web it has spun for itself.

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OS map symbol identification game

We spent some time identifying lots of symbols from the OS map using the key, using our walking experience to have a guess at what they meant, and drawing them, before we looked them up and drew the correct symbol.

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