I am living in Berlin with my 3 cats Lias Minosh and Nanouk beside the wonderful Tegel Forest near so much green and wild animals (wild boars, deers, Foxes, batchers, hedgehogs, racoons and lots of mice and birds) as can be! I love really every single animal without any exception. Since we live here in the nature, I am able to help as much animals as possible, and I love it! :)

Saving so many mice….from my cats :(

This mouse stands for all the many mice I saved and released or brought to the vet in the last 4 years.

I saved this little guy from my cats, who brought him home at 3am in the morning. Sadly he was injured, so I put my clothes on and drove him on an half an hour drive to the vet who is 24/7 open. They took good care of him.

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