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Do Not Use Rat Poison!

Rat poison not only causes rodents to die, an unnecessary slow and painful death, but the animals that scavenge on the deceased carcass, also feel the affects of the poison. Animals such as foxes and birds of prey, among others are also killed.

It’s a cycle that will continue until all sources of rat poisons in the environment are gone.

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Say no to plastic straws and stirrers

In England, it is estimated that we used 4.7 billion plastic straws and 316 million plastic stirrers every year, before the ban came in to action! Across the world most countries use a variety of single use plastics. We can help reduce the amount by reducing the demand.

Every time you’re offered a plastic straw or stirrer with your drink, say no. It won’t stop plastic production, but it can certainly help reduce it. #iDot #SingleUsePlastic #Quarantine #Isolation #PlasticReduction

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Buy recycled toilet paper!

Loo roll is currently in short supply at our local supermarkets. However, have you ever stopped to think about how much energy is used, and pollution created to make them?

If you were to swap your usual, new toilet rolls, to the same recycled version, you could help save;

  • 400 million trees
  • 660 million tons of water
  • 45 million tons of oil

Its easy to make the swap, so, next time you manage to get to the shops, think twice before you make your selection.

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Download our FREE Resources!

Head to the homepage and download our 7 Eco-saving actions to do from home. There are activities for the whole family, young children and simple energy saving ideas to do inside.

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Keep an eye out for waking bats!

As bats begin to wake up from hibernation, some may be in need of a little helping hand. Having been tucked up for a while, they tend to get wrapped up in cobwebs.

So, if you see a bat in distress, be sure to call your local wildlife centre for advice!

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