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For everyone who wants to stay warm in winter

In winter our heating costs were quite high. We live in an old building and I hated the idea of the warmth just disappearing through doors and windows. That’s why I bought these funny door noodles that only must be cut to the size of your door. Just slip them under the door leaf, you don’t have to drill holes or bolt toghether anything. And yes: We could see the impact on our hetaing bill.

Note: At the moment these door sealers are only available as plastic versions, but I hope there will soon be some made of natural materials.

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Triumph march of the screw top jar

To get a screw top jar is very easy: They just come to you. If you buy mixed pickles, fruit puree, yoghurt, pesto, smoothies or blue kraut (is this even the correct English word?), you get one free. Rinse them carefully, let them dry, storage them at a clean place (and don’t put the lid on again while they are not used). I put nearly everything in glasses: food, presents, … even my paperclips and ear plugs are stored in glasses. If you are gifted with creativity you can also turn the jars into little masterpieces like plant pots or lanterns.

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Just disvovered plastic free dishwasher tabs …

Yes, I use a dishwasher and I hated the plastic around the tabs ever since – so I was very glad to find tabs that aren’t wrapped in plastic.

Their foil consist of biodegradable materials and dissolve in water. As an alternative you can also produce dish detergent on your own and give it a try.

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Buy books second hand

If you are a bookworm just like me, you buy a lot of books, you read a lot of books and you give away a lot of books.

Some years ago I stopped buying new books because I couldn’t afford them while studying and I never changed that behaviour since then.

You kill two birds with one stone (not literally, please don’t try that):

  • Second hand books are much pricier than new ones.
  • Second hand books sometimes have a nice history of their own. I found dried flowers, love letters and even a typewriter typed praise for German washing machines between the pages (that really made my day).
  • Second hand books mean less trees cut down for paper.
  • Second hand books can become part of the book cycle: If you don’t want to keep it, give it away oder donate it. On your next walk you can just put it in a public book board and others can get it for free.
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Stop ordering products from Amazon!

About a year ago, I committed to STOP buying ANYTHING from Amazon.  I hope others join this.

Products in this age of mass consumerism have a MASSIVE detrimental effect on the environment and species all around the world.  (see my consumerism post)

Ordering products online has a triple negative impact:  1) Product, 2) Plastic packaging, 3) Transportation/shipping

I know it’s convenient, but people managed before the internet was invented.  You can just go out to your local store to buy anything you need.  Also challenge yourself to buy LESS.  Do you really need that product?  If you need something, buy it USED.  Try yard sales, neighbors/family/friends, thrift stores, eBAY, Craigslist etc.

I specifically want to emphasize to stop buying from Amazon, because of its:

  1. Negative environmental policies and impacts
  2. Widespread labor rights abuses

Please read the two articles below.  Amazon has consistently and increasingly engaged in labor abuses (treatment of workers like robots, not giving workers enough break time, low wages, little/no sick time, firing workers easily who don’t keep up to the incredibly high quotas etc.).  This treatment has only intensified during the COVID19 pandemic.  People typically say they would never buy from a company that has been exposed to have abusive labor practices like child labor or forced labor, but they turn a blind eye when it comes to Amazon.  PLEASE educate yourself about Amazon’s labor practices and stop supporting this horrible company.  If you order from Amazon, the suffering endured by workers, and the detrimental environmental impacts, are YOUR FAULT.

Amazon Environmental impact:

Amazon labor abuses during COVID19:

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