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Create your own compost heap

Buying compost can become very expensive, especially if you like planting new flowers. Why not use your lawn clippings and food waste to create a natural, chemical-free compost.

Here are the steps, to help you make the perfect compost heap!

  1. Start your compost pile on bare earth 
  2. Lay twigs or straw first, a few inches deep – This aids drainage and helps aerate the pile.
  3. Add compost materials in layers, alternating moist and dry – Moist ingredients are food scraps, tea bags, seaweed, etc. Dry materials are straw, leaves, sawdust pellets and wood ashes.
  4. Add manure, grass clippings or any nitrogen source – This activates the compost pile and speeds the process along.
  5. Keep compost moist – Water occasionally, or let rain do the job.
  6. Cover with anything you have – wood, plastic sheeting, carpet scraps, this helps retain moisture and heat, two essentials for compost.
  7. Turn – Every few weeks give the pile a quick turn with a pitchfork or shovel.
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Plant your strawberry seedlings ready for summer

This is the perfect time of year to plant your strawberry seedlings, to ensure bundles of juicy fruit to eat over the summer months!

Check out the link below for guidance on planting, right through to harvest time.

Once you’ve tasted your homegrown produce, you’ll be hooked!

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Become a phenologist!

Keep a nature diary of when you see the first birds, flowers and animals. Weekends are the perfect time to get the kids out in the garden and record what nature they see, so why not try creating your own diary?

Follow the link to see a step by step guide:

Take some pictures along the way and add your iDot

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Start teaching your children, early on, that the planet matters

The next generation are the ones that will save our planet. It only takes 30 seconds to show your child how to place an item in the recycling. This is just one example. Our website is filled with activities to teach you children how important nature and the environment around them really is!

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Maintain your car so it causes less emissions

By keeping up with your yearly car service, you can help reduce the amount of emissions your engine gives out. 

So far this year, the total number of deaths due to air pollution are 1,235,131 and rising by the minute!


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