Local Wildlife iDots

Look after our insects!

As part of our Midlands Guides iDot activity pack, we made a butterfly feeder to hang up in our garden to help encourage pollinators. We also put out a couple of trays to ensure insects have water to drink and filled the deeper one with small stones so they wouldn’t get stuck in it and drown.

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iDots for Brownies

As part of our Midlands Guides iDot activity pack, we learnt about recycling and how crushing our recycling before putting it in the correct recycling bin, helps it to take up less space (so reduces the carbon footprint for transporting it) but also means that if it were to fall off the rubbish truck and an animal found it they wouldn’t be able to get stuck inside it.
Since we were learning about litter we also did a Litter Pick with our Brownies group to help keep the environment clean and remove and rubbish that could be dangerous to wildlife.

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Making bird feeders

Today we started uploading our iDots to earn our iDot badge with the Midlands Guides.
We made bird feeders to hang in the garden by reusing a plastic bottle and cutting some holes in it to poke a stick through for the birds to sit on and then some smaller holes for them to get to the seeds.

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Uncover snowy patches for hungry birds

When winter arrives, snow fall can enormously restrict a garden birds access to food. Usually feasting on small insects under leaves and worms hiding in the soil, they find themselves struggling to break through the snow.
Next time it snows, be sure to clear a few patches in your garden or whilst out on a walk. You’ll be helping many birds survive the winter.

Here’s a handy guide from the RSPCA, to show you the best foods to leave out too. Click here!

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Create a bird box for your garden

The bird nesting season begins on the 1st March through until the end of July. However, you may start to see your garden birds beginning to gather nesting materials a little earlier.
By creating a bird box and placing it in your garden, you’ll be making a new home for at least one of your local birds.

For a great guide, visit the National Trust website and follow their steps to the perfect nest box, here. If you want to attract a specific species, for example, a blue tit or a black bird, see the image above for the perfect sized entrance hole.

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