Bees and Butts

7 months ago
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I have a bee nesting hotel – penthouse suites has mason bees, next floor has leaf cutter.  There are some scattered leaf cutter around rest of house.  Also know there is somewhere some cuckoo bees as they were nonchalantly watching from the top of the shed when the holes were being laid in! 🙂  Wildflowers are grown nearby to help them have food.

I put up some guttering to catch rainwater from our shed into some recycled butts.  The orange water butt is an reused Greek olives plastic storage barrel that is left over when barrels olives are sent abroad.  These are then not needed and chucked.  The green butt is a rescued one from our local recycle centre, which someone didn’t want anymore. (They are known as Walter and Philmore!).  I also use a cut up pair of old tights to used as a filter on the guttering to reduce dirt going into the water.