Built a small garden pond for frogs, toads, newts etc

4 months ago
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I do a few gardens in the surrounding streets where I live and find many frogs, toads even the odd newt in grass, under plants etc. Whenever I find one in a garden where it’s only water access is the moist quickly drying grass, or just unsuitable for whatever, reason I stop what I’m doing to catch it and take it to my pond. I’ve always had the pond in the back garden but I decided to build one in my front garden this year because the streets’ children like to rescue them with me now and they needed to get me for access to back garden, but now my little helpers can access the rescue pond without disturbing (lol) me. It’s just waiting for plants and rocks to arrive for added enrichment!

I have been doing some pet rescue/rehab for about 15 years and wanted to be able to help wildlife too so I'm currently working through learning about required care, knoweledge, behaviorism etc species by species laws, acts etc involved. Iv been a big fan of wildlife sos since Simon's longer hair days and learnt a lot from watching the show although I know I have much much more I need to learn