Stop using rat poison! Click here for humaine ways to deter rodents.

2 years ago

Rat poison not only causes rodents to die, an unnecessary slow and painful death, but the animals that scavenge on the deceased carcass, also feel the affects of the poison. Animals such as foxes, badgers and owls, among others, are also killed. It’s a cycle that will continue until all sources of rat poisons in the environment are gone.

How to deter rodents – RSPCA:
An important first step is limiting available food outside – including rodent-proof food containers and bins, decluttering and keeping storage areas tidy. Planting natural rodent repellents such as hyacinths, alliums and daffodils. Rodents are also neophobic so moving around objects such as garden furniture will also deter them.

It may also be important to consider that leftover bird food or food put in compost heaps, whilst great for some wildlife, may also attract rats, so, if problems arise, try removing food sources in your garden temporarily, along with cutting back vegetation acting as cover. The same applies to inside buildings – ensuring food is secured away, crumbs tidied and holes are blocked using sealant or mouse mesh, are essential measures. Repellents such as cotton wool balls soaked in peppermint, eucalyptus or spearmint oil can also be effective.

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