How Much Do We Waste?

1 month ago
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Waste is a global issue. From electronic devices to unused food, a lot of what is thrown away ends up in a landfill. While concerted efforts are being made across the globe to incorporate recycling initiatives, these endeavors can quickly go astray when rubbish isn’t handled with the correct care and attention.

To get a greater idea about waste and the concern it poses, it’s essential to take a closer look at just how much is thrown away. There are many different forms of waste, with some of the main culprits including:

Electronic devices, hazardous materials, discarded food, plastic, paper and paperboard, textiles, metal and even wood.

If this waste isn’t correctly managed, there’s ultimately only one destination it will end up: landfill. Add in factors such as population growth, the continued demand for disposable products, and the short shelf life for everything from smartphones to sneakers, and there are many reasons why waste continues to build at an alarming rate.

Claire Ross
Working as a Media Consultant.