Live more sustainably by saving energy

3 months ago

At home I do as much as possible to be energy efficient. I found this really useful guide which contains lots of great information such as:

  1. The importance of living sustainably, becoming more energy-efficient, and reducing our home’s CO2 footprint.

  2. Understanding renewable energy as well as renewable electricity and heat suppliers available to consumers.

  3. Practical tips and advice on the many ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, heating and insulation, and water conservation.

  4. How energy demand has changed due to COVID-19, and what we can expect looking into the future.

Some useful insights I took away from it were household energy consumption has fallen by 12% since 2000 (despite a population increase), renewable energy sources currently contributes 28% of the UK’s electricity, and up to 35% of our heating can be lost through the walls, gaps, windows, and doors.

Visit the full guide here: https://www.cotswoldco.com/homeowners-guide-to-energy-efficiency/index.html

Claire Ross
Working as a Media Consultant.