Do One Thing to reduce your carbon footprint

4 weeks ago
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Whatever your carbon footprint, there are lots of iDots you can do to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) you release back into the atmostphere. Some suggestions include:

Reduce your heating and air conditioning – Heating and air conditioning are major factors in energy consumption. Their impact can be lessened by improving insulation and draughtproofing, or upgrading your windows. If you are not the owner, try to find other ways to block draughts or allow heat to escape, as it is you who pays the bills at the end of the day. Even putting on or taking off an extra layer of clothing can help you to adjust to indoor temperatures without creating more CO2 emissions.

Electric vehicles – Electric vehicles are considerably better for the environment than petrol/diesel powered vehicles. While they still use a minimal output of CO2, these types of vehicles will on average produce three times less carbon when being driven.

Swap to a renewable energy provider – One of the most efficient ways to make an immediate change is to swap your energy provider to one that uses renewable/sustainable forms of power. Often, these will be provided by wind turbines or with the use of green gas mills. There are a host of suppliers to choose from, so shop around for the best “green” tariff.

Lighting – Replacing as many lights as possible with energy efficient LED alternatives reduces the amount of carbon you produce. You can also maximize the natural lighting in a room by investing in blinds, as well as by considering installing motion sensor lights to avoid wastage.

Create a carbon reduction plan – On top of making actionable changes to your lifestyle, you can also take a wider approach to tackle your carbon output at work too. Implementing a carbon reduction plan at work gives every member of your team the chance to do their part in helping to reduce our collective emissions.

Here are some more suggestions for cutting down on your carbon footprint.

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