We love family bus travel!

2 months ago
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Catching the bus with children is fantastic for all sorts of reasons, it reduces emissions and opens up interesting conversations about the environment.  It also teaches them valuable lessons about sharing public spaces with others, meeting new people (nobody can resist a game of peekaboo between the seats with my two year old!) and being safe and sensible. It’s all great fun when you’re two and nearly five! I hope that making the bus part of our regular routine will foster a future generation of public transport users in our family! I feel that there is a stigma in this country around using public transport and I hope by starting them early they’ll develop an appreciation of public transport and be more eco conscious with their choices in the future.

I’m Nicola, I have two children and am trying to make small changes for a better world for my two children, we love walking, cycling and making journeys on public transport!