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Switching to bamboo cotton buds!

As we need to use cotton buds dozens of times a day at work (in a veterinary hospital), we have […]

1 month ago

Imperfection sometimes makes things (and people) prettier

If you are as clumsy as I am you may have a lot of broken things. Don’t throw it away: […]

3 months ago

Old technics = garbage?

It seems that the lifespan of electrical equipment shrank in the past few years. But not because it gets broken […]

3 months ago

Don’t throw away shipping supplies: the family carton

Every time I get a parcel I keep the carton. Every time I get a letter I keep the envelope. […]

3 months ago

Upcycle what you love: the most beautiful table

Once I fell in love. With a table. A beautiful solid wood table with turned legs. Unfortunately it was what […]

3 months ago

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