Established in 1980, founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation, Simon Cowell MBE intended to start a local wildlife rescue facility after purchasing a farmhouse in Leatherhead, Surrey. Over the years the facility grew as the centre’s activity steadily increased, becoming a centre of excellence in their field, today responding to approximately 20,000 wild animal emergencies a year. Over four decades of operation the Wildlife Aid Foundation has treated an incredible array of British wildlife species, with hundreds of thousands of lives saved. Their contribution to British Wildlife is unquestionable. Under the leadership of their founder, their small dedicated team of staff and over 300 devoted volunteers, work tirelessly around the clock, all year round for the befit of wildlife and the natural world we all share.

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Since it began, the number of animal lives saved by WAF has totalled in the hundreds of thousands. The seemingly never-ending arrivals of patients, sadly, increasing as the years have gone by. This led to an ever-present idea in the mind of WAF’s founder. Constantly reminded by prominent figures, on the news and in other media, of the enormity of this global issue, Simon sought for a new approach to tackle the problems facing wildlife and their many natural habitats. Hence, iDot was born.


iDot – which stands for I Do One Thing – aims to encourage a gradual, sustained, behavioural change throughout the population. The ethos behind it is not new, nor is it restricted to specific countries or cultures. It can be embraced be any people, in any country, it takes a holistic approach to repairing the damage done to wildlife and the wider environment. By inspiring children and adults, alike, to live more environmentally-friendly lifestyles, in school, at work, in the community, and at home, the initiative hopes to restore balance in our ecosystems by ending exploitation and, instead, promoting coexistence.