Keep calm and don’t throw bags of litter

I was on my walk and a car threw a bag of litter out of the window. I put on sanitiser, picked it up and put it in the bin.

Never throw anything out of a window – it could hurt someone or an animal!


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Take a bag on your daily exercise

When out doing your daily exercise, be sure to take a bag along with you incase you find any litter. 

2,120,000,000 tons of waste is dumped globally, every year. 
Luckily green companies are working hard to become waste free! 

We all need to play our part, and litter picking is just one small action to help towards saving our planet. 

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sqish the cans

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Always take your reusable shopping bags

When out and about this weekend, make sure to grab your bags for life, before you go our the door!

The less we buy 10p plastic bags, the less reason companies will have to produce them.

Do your one thing today.

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