Create a safe watering spot for insects

Insects get thirsty too, and here’s a great idea as to how you can help!

  • Grab a shallow dish – this can be anything from a bowl in your kitchen, to a plastic pot headed for the recycling. A clean, empty mushroom tub or sausage tray would work perfectly.
  • Fill with different sized marbles or similar sized stones – this creates a platform for the insects to sit on whilst drinking.
  • Find a level spot to place your drinking station
  • Finally – Fill it two thirds of they way with fresh tap water.

Step back and watch to see which insects visit!

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sqish the cans

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Spreading the word!

These are information sheets about idot .

I’m giving them to my classmates to get involved and hopefully they will post something.

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bumblebee tastic

these are flowers in my garden that i grew

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Flower 💐 pot

I used a toilet roll for a flower 🌷 pot and I put a send in, it will grow and I will plant 🌱 it out side.

‘more plants, more air‘-Florence

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