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Good eco swaps

Tea bags – biodegradable tea bags

Shampoo bottles – shampoo bars

Bottled water – reusable bottle

Tupperware – reuse plastic takeaway boxes

Throwing away – giving to charity shops

Plastic packaged kitchen roll – paper packaged kitchen roll

Toilet roll – recycled toilet roll

Plastic bags – bags for life

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Making my own compost starter bin

I’ve converted my food recycling bin in to a home compost starter bin.

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Reducing my carbon footprint

I decided to try and cut down on my carbon footprint by growing my own food. I started with red peppers and now im trying an avocado tree!

If you want to try too, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Take note of the top and bottom of the avocado seed – this will be vital for the growing process
  2. Wash the seed to remove any avocado residue
  3. Peel the outer shell off as this will prevent the roots and flower sprouting
  4. one third of the way down, pierce the seed, at a downward angle, with 3 cocktail sticks. (Birthday candles work just as well as you can see in my picture!)
  5. Place on top of a clear glass or plastic cup so you can see when it starts to sprout
  6. Fill the cup with water until at least half of the seed is covered.
  7. Place on your windowsill

Now its a waiting game to see when your roots start to grow – good luck!

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Switch to Paperless Billing

These days, it’s easier than ever to save paper. Changing to paperless billing will reduce the impact you’re having on the environment.

Although you may not receive that many letters, just imagine if each household in the UK, or even the world, went paperless – The impact would be massive!

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