Making my own compost starter bin

I’ve converted my food recycling bin in to a home compost starter bin.

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Create your very own butterfly feeder

Butterflies love to eat all types of fruit and we’ve got a simple way create a great feeder.
You can use almost anything as a platform for your butterfly feeder, from a plastic or paper plate, to an upturned terracotta pot. Using string, hang them from a tree or place them on the floor and fill with nectar, fruit pieces or flowers.

Here’s a handy link with loads of great butterfly facts and ideas:

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Reuse egg shells to plant seeds

I created little planters for my pepper seeds, using old egg shells and the egg box to hold them in.

It’s super easy and a great idea to do with the kids.

  1. Wash out the old egg shells
  2. Place them in the egg box
  3. Fill each one with compost (this can be from your garden or an old potted plant you have around the house)
  4. Make a small well in the centre of each one
  5. Place 1-2 seeds inside and cover back up with the soil
  6. Give them a little water
  7. Place on to your windowsill
  8. Now, watch them grow!
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Fix that dripping tap

Did you know – If your tap drips 10 times per minute, you are wasting 3 litres of water, per day.

Thats a whooping 1,578 litres per year!

You are not only increasing your water bill, but you are also wasting vital water resources.

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