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Disposal of our PPE waste more responsibly
Rewild Your Grounds
Reduce Your Footprint
Remove A Hazard
Sustainability In The Home
How Much Do We Waste?
Buy or grow your own wonky veg
Dispose of PPE and plastic waste responsibly
Drive sustainably
Save water
Live more sustainably by saving energy
“Saving energy at home”
Sell your second-hand clothes on Thrift+ and support your favourite charity
Compost kitchen waste to feed our garden
Repurposed water tank 🐟
Pick up rubbish
Recycle empty cosmetic items
Donate to Reforestation projects
Support circular economies by buying recycled goods
Perfect Month
Switched to plant based burgers!
Walk to the gym
Walking and cycling the school run!
Plant sunflowers in your garden
iDots for Brownies
Create a bird box for your garden
Say no to plastic cutlery
Switch your plastic containers to reusable self-sealing bags 🔄
Get to know our British wildlife
Take a bag on your daily exercise
Listen out for owls at dawn and dusk
Create a safe watering spot for insects
Plant a tree or shrub
Made a butterfly feeder!
Make use of your kitchen food waste bin
Avoid cutting back hedges and trees in your garden
Say no to plastic straws and stirrers
Create your very own butterfly feeder
Buy recycled toilet paper!
Sow pumpkin seeds for Halloween
Regularly clean out & move bird feeders to prevent diseases
Use both sides of the paper
Hang your washing out on the line
Dispose of cooking fat correctly
Reducing my carbon footprint
Create a log pile in your garden to attract insects and other animals
Create a DIY Bird Bath
5 Top Tips to Save Energy Around the House!
Put a brick in your toilet cistern
Make Wildflower Seed Bombs for your garden
Reuse egg shells to plant seeds
Fix that dripping tap
Make a bouncy ball out of elastic bands!
Create your own compost heap
Try Going Veggie for a Week
Switch to Paperless Billing
Stop – Can it be recycled?
Help your local birds find cosy nesting materials
Lower the temperature a few degrees!
It’s more than shopping bags…
Fit a better shower head
Stop sending thank you emails
Buy Bamboo instead of plastic!
Ditch the tea bags
Become a phenologist!
Check online for your local recycling restrictions
Turn off lights when you leave a room
Take your reusable cup for your daily coffee
Wrap gifts creatively – use eco friendly paper!
Try carpooling to work or school!
Start teaching your children, early on, that the planet matters
Cutting up an elastic band before the bin
Let your garden grow wild!
Store your leftovers in glass containers
Use recycled paper
Say no to junk mail
Always take your reusable shopping bags
Buy local produce!
Collect rainwater for your garden
Cut through elastic bands before disposing of them!
I recycled a ripped duvet cover
I saved toilet roll inners for planting seeds
Pick up some litter
Don’t leave your TV on Standby!
Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth!
Walk to work or school instead of driving
Grow a sunflower and watch the birds eat the seeds
Make hedgehog tunnels under your fences
Pick up a piece of litter and dispose of it responsibly
Plant an insect-friendly plant
Make a bumblebee house
Grow your own food in the garden
Make or buy a bird table for your garden