Create your very own butterfly feeder

Butterflies love to eat all types of fruit and we’ve got a simple way create a great feeder.
You can use almost anything as a platform for your butterfly feeder, from a plastic or paper plate, to an upturned terracotta pot. Using string, hang them from a tree or place them on the floor and fill with nectar, fruit pieces or flowers.

Here’s a handy link with loads of great butterfly facts and ideas: www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/how-to-make-simple-butterfly-feeder.html

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Regularly clean out & move bird feeders to prevent diseases

Bird feeders are one of the small ways in which everyone can help their local wildlife. However, it’s very important to keep them clean to prevent the spread of diseases.

Simply pop on a pair of rubber gloves and give your feeders a scrub using a mild detergent. After rinsing them thoroughly, make sure you let them dry out naturally before refilling and hanging up.

Did you know there are 406 bird species found in the UK, including some the rare overseas visitors.

Identify the birds in your garden here

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