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Hedgehog highway

I found this hole in my fence and I think its a hedgehog highway. So I made sure there was nothing blocking it.



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iHelped save a pigeon from fishing wire whilst on holiday

Whilst away in the Canary Islands, myself and two others spotted one of the pigeons being fed, had wire wrapped tightly around its feet!

We managed to attract it with crumbs, just close enough to grab it and remove the wire with nail clippers.

Hopefully it will now live a long and happy life.

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Make or buy a bird table for your garden

With a little adult supervision, making a bird table for your garden can be a fun, creative activity. 

Whether you buy or make your bird table, you will be giving a helping hand to your local birds. In the cold days of winter, food may be scarce and hard to find, so pop a mix of seeds and mealworms out for any struggling birds. The hot summer days can also be difficult for our feathered friends, with water levels low. By placing a small, shallow dish of water on your bird table, you will give them a safe place to rehydrate! 

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