For everyone who wants to stay warm in winter

In winter our heating costs were quite high. We live in an old building and I hated the idea of the warmth just disappearing through doors and windows. That’s why I bought these funny door noodles that only must be cut to the size of your door. Just slip them under the door leaf, you don’t have to drill holes or bolt toghether anything. And yes: We could see the impact on our hetaing bill.

Note: At the moment these door sealers are only available as plastic versions, but I hope there will soon be some made of natural materials.

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Beyond cut flowers: pot plant & upcycling plant pot

Yes, it’s nice to surprise your darling with a flower bouquet. But think twice: These flowers often come from far away and they will die within one week. So why not invest in a much more persistent present? Pot plants come in so many shades and sizes you will surely find the one that fits the presentee: cheeky, classy or romantic, it’s up to you.

Depending on the kind of pot plant you have you can even grow saplings from the mother plant and give them away as very personal presents that will fill the house of your friends with green life. On the picture you can also see an old screw top jar that a family member upcycled with napkin art. It’s one of the best presents I ever received and I regularly keep him current about the growth of my little plant.

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Make a bumblebee house

You can create all kinds of bumble bee houses throughout your garden – different species prefer different areas – some high up, some low down and even underground! Try recycling an old flower pot to create an underground haven: upturn your pot and make two small entrance holes (top and bottom), place a little soil around the edges and a little nesting material inside. 

To encourage bees and other insects to your garden, see some of our other iDot ideas!  

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