I saved an old unit from landfill

I upcycled an old unit that was destined for the dump. I used scraps of wallpaper with mod podge and paint to give it new life.

So much of our waste ends up in landfill, contaminating the soil or shipped off to other countries so repurposing the unit meant one less usable item thrown away carelessly.

Once it’s no longer fit for purpose I’ll upcycle it into something else like a birdhouse.

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I saved toilet roll inners for planting seeds

To save on buying plastic pots I saved up all our toilet roll inners to use to start my vegetable seedlings this year!  I got my family to save theirs too and I will repay them with vegetables later in the year.

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Pick up some litter

Litter can be dangerous to our wildlife, picking up even one piece can make a difference.  We picked up this discarded plastic windscreen wiper cover while out on a walk.

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saving water

School Council  have spent time thinking about what we can do to be less wasteful of our resources.  At lunchtimes the girls all had cups of water and these often went undrunk and so the water was tipped away, the cups all needed to be washed ready for the next lunchtime.   We worked out that if the girls did not use the cups and water from jugs then we would, over the week save over litres of drinking water plus the hot water needed for washing up.  All girls have water bottles which they use through the day so it seemed logical to be bring these into lunch.  A small and easy change that will make an impact.

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Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth!

iDot inspiration: Turn off the bathroom tap whilst brushing your teeth.

By turning the tap off whilst you brush, you can save up to 6 litres of water per minute – that’s roughly 48 glasses of water, in just 2 minutes!

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