Pallet Vegetable Planter

Using old pallets, I laid 3 on the ground and then sawed 4 more in half to make the sides. Once I had attached the sides, I lined it with recycled plastic feed bags and weed cover membrane. I then filled it with well rotted manure from our muck heap ready for planting. 🙂
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Stop and listen

Took a moment during lockdown to watch the birds (with homemade binoculars!) and listen to the birdsong

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Yogurt pots as seedling starter pots

I saved our yogurt pots, washed them out and made holes in the bottom them used them to plant tomato seeds to go in the propagator.

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Reuse egg shells to plant seeds

I created little planters for my pepper seeds, using old egg shells and the egg box to hold them in.

It’s super easy and a great idea to do with the kids.

  1. Wash out the old egg shells
  2. Place them in the egg box
  3. Fill each one with compost (this can be from your garden or an old potted plant you have around the house)
  4. Make a small well in the centre of each one
  5. Place 1-2 seeds inside and cover back up with the soil
  6. Give them a little water
  7. Place on to your windowsill
  8. Now, watch them grow!
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Helping out the birdies

We spent an afternoon of #isolation helping out the local birds by gathering lots of useful things they can use for their nest – including human and horse hair. We’ll leave it out in the garden by the feeder and see hopefully we’ll get some visitors!

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