Listen out for owls at dawn and dusk

Step out in to the garden tonight, just as the sun sets. If you sit quietly, you may be able to hear the sound of owls calling. 

Listen to the sound bite below to help you identify their call. 
You will have to be patient! 

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Go on a sound walk around your garden!

Step out in to the garden or simply open a window and listen for the different animal noises you can hear. See how many you can identify and write them down in your wildlife journal.

Share your findings by adding your iDot, and inspire our growing number of iDotters:

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Step outside for a moment and just listen

Can you hear the buzz of early bumblebees, as they start to come out of hibernation?

If you spot one, why not take a quick picture and post it up on the website.

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Sit quietly outside and listen out for the call of the Mistle Thrush

Learning to identify the different bird species around you is a great skill! Have a listen to their call, via the link below and see if you can match it to the sounds in your garden.

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