Cut through elastic bands before disposing of them!

Elastic bands – and all types of litter – can be extremely harmful to our wildlife. Just recently, the Wildlife Aid Foundation was called out to rescue a female mallard that had an elastic band looped around her head and inside her mouth, which was preventing her from eating or drinking. If this had gone unnoticed, it could have had catastrophic consequences.

It takes just seconds to grab a pair of scissors and cut through an elastic band. Just think of the lives that could be saved – do your iDot, today!

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iHelped save a pigeon from fishing wire whilst on holiday

Whilst away in the Canary Islands, myself and two others spotted one of the pigeons being fed, had wire wrapped tightly around its feet!

We managed to attract it with crumbs, just close enough to grab it and remove the wire with nail clippers.

Hopefully it will now live a long and happy life.

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Pick up a piece of litter and dispose of it responsibly

Far too often, our British wildlife is being injured by rubbish that is cast aside by people. If you see a piece of litter on the street as you are out walking, pick it up and pop it in the nearest bin. 

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