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Don’t throw away shipping supplies: the family carton

Every time I get a parcel I keep the carton. Every time I get a letter I keep the envelope.

I think that’s one of the easiest ways to do something for nature: Just reuse old shipping supplies. They are quite expensive to buy new, so it’s a relief for your wallet as well. In my family there is even a special carton that we use for years now – it’s a real stable and pretty one with a nice flower pattern and a good size for most things.

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I reused my old magazines

As paper is such a valuable ressource, don’t waste it. If you have old magazines that you don’t want to read any more give them a second chance.

On a flea market I once bought a pile of old dinosaur magazines for children because I loved them when I was young. I read through them and then decided not to throw them away, but to turn them into something useful and aesthetic. So for the next few years I won’t need to buy any present wrapping paper or enevlopes – and I enjoyed a nice afternoon selecting and cutting the most beautiful pictures as well. And everybody loves dinosaurs, don’t they?

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