Don’t throw away shipping supplies: the family carton

Every time I get a parcel I keep the carton. Every time I get a letter I keep the envelope.

I think that’s one of the easiest ways to do something for nature: Just reuse old shipping supplies. They are quite expensive to buy new, so it’s a relief for your wallet as well. In my family there is even a special carton that we use for years now – it’s a real stable and pretty one with a nice flower pattern and a good size for most things.

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Buy books second hand

If you are a bookworm just like me, you buy a lot of books, you read a lot of books and you give away a lot of books.

Some years ago I stopped buying new books because I couldn’t afford them while studying and I never changed that behaviour since then.

You kill two birds with one stone (not literally, please don’t try that):

  • Second hand books are much pricier than new ones.
  • Second hand books sometimes have a nice history of their own. I found dried flowers, love letters and even a typewriter typed praise for German washing machines between the pages (that really made my day).
  • Second hand books mean less trees cut down for paper.
  • Second hand books can become part of the book cycle: If you don’t want to keep it, give it away oder donate it. On your next walk you can just put it in a public book board and others can get it for free.
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I reused my old magazines

As paper is such a valuable ressource, don’t waste it. If you have old magazines that you don’t want to read any more give them a second chance.

On a flea market I once bought a pile of old dinosaur magazines for children because I loved them when I was young. I read through them and then decided not to throw them away, but to turn them into something useful and aesthetic. So for the next few years I won’t need to buy any present wrapping paper or enevlopes – and I enjoyed a nice afternoon selecting and cutting the most beautiful pictures as well. And everybody loves dinosaurs, don’t they?

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Use a handkerchief instead of tissues

Did you know, the amount of tissue paper we use could go around the planet every 2 minutes, or travel to the sun and back every 10 days!

You may associate handkerchiefs with your grandparents, however, they were uknowingly doing their bit to save the planet and reduce paper consumption.

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Buy recycled toilet paper!

Loo roll is currently in short supply at our local supermarkets. However, have you ever stopped to think about how much energy is used, and pollution created to make them?

If you were to swap your usual, new toilet rolls, to the same recycled version, you could help save;

  • 400 million trees
  • 660 million tons of water
  • 45 million tons of oil

Its easy to make the swap, so, next time you manage to get to the shops, think twice before you make your selection.

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