Don’t throw away shipping supplies: the family carton

Every time I get a parcel I keep the carton. Every time I get a letter I keep the envelope.

I think that’s one of the easiest ways to do something for nature: Just reuse old shipping supplies. They are quite expensive to buy new, so it’s a relief for your wallet as well. In my family there is even a special carton that we use for years now – it’s a real stable and pretty one with a nice flower pattern and a good size for most things.

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I reused my old magazines

As paper is such a valuable ressource, don’t waste it. If you have old magazines that you don’t want to read any more give them a second chance.

On a flea market I once bought a pile of old dinosaur magazines for children because I loved them when I was young. I read through them and then decided not to throw them away, but to turn them into something useful and aesthetic. So for the next few years I won’t need to buy any present wrapping paper or enevlopes – and I enjoyed a nice afternoon selecting and cutting the most beautiful pictures as well. And everybody loves dinosaurs, don’t they?

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Say no to junk mail

Junk mail is something that every British household loathes and, every year, 4.4 billion pieces of direct mail are sent in the UK alone! With approximately 80% of this being thrown straight in the bin, the impact on the environment is huge!

Whilst there is no way to stop addressed mail being delivered, you can ‘opt out’ of door-to-door items being delivered by Royal Mail, in the UK. Head over to their website to find out more. 
You can also help reduce the amount of junk you receive by unsubscribing to various websites and newsletters. Along with that, you can place a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on you front door or letter box!

If each household took these small actions, the environmental impact could be dramatically reduced!

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