Reduce Plastic

Switch your plastic containers to reusable self-sealing bags 🔄

This will not only help you cut down on your single use plastic, but it will also save you space in the fridge and cupboard too!

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Say no to plastic straws and stirrers

In England, it is estimated that we used 4.7 billion plastic straws and 316 million plastic stirrers every year, before the ban came in to action! Across the world most countries use a variety of single use plastics. We can help reduce the amount by reducing the demand.

Every time you’re offered a plastic straw or stirrer with your drink, say no. It won’t stop plastic production, but it can certainly help reduce it. #iDot #SingleUsePlastic #Quarantine #Isolation #PlasticReduction

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Milk delivery & yoghurt making

I never buy plastic milk bottles or plastic yoghurt pots because I have a regular milk delivery in reusable glass bottles. I then make my own yoghurt from the milk in a thermos flask and store it in glass jars. I never need to buy yoghurt in plastic pots because each new batch is started using yoghurt from the previous batch. I flavour it with tinned fruit. Simples!

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Buy Bamboo instead of plastic!

Plastic toothbrushes take up to 400 years to decompose, whereas bamboo takes around 6 months. There are lots of things you can replace with bamboo, from cups to tables.

This is just one more way you can cut down on your plastic usage! 

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