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Don’t throw away your children’s old crafting supplies

In this picture you can see what members of my familiy created with old crafting supplies from our childhood days.

No. 1 is a beautiful mini lantern that is made out of an old glass and some mosaic stones.

No. 2 is a dried shamrock with incredible five leaves that we put into an old wooden frame.

None of the things you see was bought, we only used what was still in the old crafting drawer – even the glue was still there.

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Drink tap water

Nothing is as easy as this: Instead of buying water, juice or even soft drinks in plastic or glass bottles, just drink the water from your tap. It’s unbeatable cheap, you can chose the temperature and you don’t have to drag around kilos and litres aof beverages.

Note: Check if the water from your tap has drinking water quality.

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Ban liquid laundry detergents

Liquid laundry detergents have a lot of disadvantages: They are expensive, they don’t last a long time and they have to be bought in plastic bottles. So why not use their “green counterpart”: washing powder. It comes in a paper box and one of these boxes contains powder for 50 to 70 wash cycles. Plus: Scientists say they make your laundry even cleaner than the liquid version. Plus plus: I personally prefer their more subtle scent.


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Shaving for the environment

Chances are high that you are one of the persons who use a razor every time you shower, maybe even more often. Conventional razors use a lot of plastic components and even the parts that don’t have to be changed regularly are made of plastic. So why not do what our grandfathers (and maybe even some of our grandmothers) did: Use a metal shaver, also called a safety razor.

Yes, you will have to get used to it, but it’s worth trying: The razor blades shave more properly than their plastic covered counterparts and they don’t get blunt in such a short time. At the beginnig these safety razors look a little bit frightning, but don’t give up. It’s a matter of technique. Bonus: Enjoy the vintage feeling!

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Fun in the shower – the shampoo bar

There are thousands of shampoos in plastic bottles. But be honest: Why do we buy them? Yes, they look nice and colourful and so on, but they are absolutely unnecessary … Some drugstores sell shampoo bars that look like little pieces of soap. And they work just as a soap would do: Rub them between your hands or directly on your wet hair and they will produce a wonderful foam which you can knead into your hair.

I love them a lot because

  • they come in paper boxes and there is not one inch of plastic around them
  • they last such a long time that you will safe a lot of money
  • they make your hair great and shiny
  • after they are dry again you can put them in a little tin box and easily use them for travelling
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