Saving so many mice….from my cats :(

This mouse stands for all the many mice I saved and released or brought to the vet in the last 4 years.

I saved this little guy from my cats, who brought him home at 3am in the morning. Sadly he was injured, so I put my clothes on and drove him on an half an hour drive to the vet who is 24/7 open. They took good care of him.

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iHelped save a pigeon from fishing wire whilst on holiday

Whilst away in the Canary Islands, myself and two others spotted one of the pigeons being fed, had wire wrapped tightly around its feet!

We managed to attract it with crumbs, just close enough to grab it and remove the wire with nail clippers.

Hopefully it will now live a long and happy life.

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Save a hedgehog from not surviving hibernation (if it is below 600g)

When the winter days start to close in, make sure you keep an eye out for any underweight hedgehogs in your garden or surrounding areas.

Once the weather becomes cold enough, hedgehogs will begin to hibernate and any that are under 600g are unlikely to survive the duration.

If you are concerned about a hedgehog you see, please, give your local wildlife rescue centre a call for advice.

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Come to The Wildlife Aid Foundation’s Open day!

With fun-filled activities for kids and adults, alike, Wildlife Aid’s Open Day is the only day of the year when the public is invited to explore the centre! 

From food stands to face painting, plant sales to activities and games, you are guaranteed to have a great day out and help save our British wildlife at the same time! 

Head over to the website to check the date for this year’s event:  

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