Sanitary pads

Why did I start to use reusable pads this summer?

Recently, I started to use reusable sanitary pads with bamboo layer (from Teamoy; found on Amazon). I was initially scared that they won’t be comfortable or absorbent enough. However, these pads are very comfy, breatheable, easy to wash, and my skin feels much better than with non-reusable pads. Also, it feels great to know that I reduce amount of plastic being produced, save money (an average woman spends around £5,000 on sanitary products per her lifetime), and don’t get exposed to potential carcinogens (e.g. styrene, chloroethane, chloroform). I believe it would be great if the government could fund such sanitary pads or encourage their use. You know what – I’ll contact my local MP about it. 🙂

Plastic in pads:

‘90% of a menstrual pad is plastic. Plastic products take up to a thousand years to decompose. Conventional disposable menstrual products made from 90% plastic – along with their packaging generate 200,000 tonnes of waste per year. This figure of 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste (including tampons, pads and applicators) generated per year in the UK comes from our calculations based on AHPMA’s figure of 4.3 billion menstrual products being used per year in the UK. If each woman uses between 11,000‐16,000 tampons and pads in their lifetime, that’s about 32 items per period. This works out to approximately 200kgs of tampons, pads and applicators thrown away in a lifetime of menstruating for one woman (either going to landfill or down the toilet).’

Resource: LONDON ASSEMBLY. Environment Committee. ‘Single‐use plastics: Unflushables’ (Aug 2018)

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Imperfection sometimes makes things (and people) prettier

If you are as clumsy as I am you may have a lot of broken things. Don’t throw it away: You can either ignore the flaw or reuse the item.

As you see in the picture I dropped one of my favorite mugs. But I love the pattern, so I decided to turn it into my new pencil holder – and I even like it with the little flaw that tells the story of a little sunday morning accident.

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Use a handkerchief instead of tissues

Did you know, the amount of tissue paper we use could go around the planet every 2 minutes, or travel to the sun and back every 10 days!

You may associate handkerchiefs with your grandparents, however, they were uknowingly doing their bit to save the planet and reduce paper consumption.

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Yogurt pots as seedling starter pots

I saved our yogurt pots, washed them out and made holes in the bottom them used them to plant tomato seeds to go in the propagator.

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