I saved an old unit from landfill

I upcycled an old unit that was destined for the dump. I used scraps of wallpaper with mod podge and paint to give it new life.

So much of our waste ends up in landfill, contaminating the soil or shipped off to other countries so repurposing the unit meant one less usable item thrown away carelessly.

Once it’s no longer fit for purpose I’ll upcycle it into something else like a birdhouse.

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I recycled a ripped duvet cover

I cut up a duvet cover to make food wraps to save on using cling film or sandwich bags or other single use plastics.  I put the pieces on greaseproof paper sprinkled them with grated beeswax, covered them with more paper and ironed them.  I repeated this until they had an even covering of beeswax then left them to set.  I got a lot of foodwraps from a duvet cover! I gave them away to friends and family as gifts.

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