Create a safe watering spot for insects

Insects get thirsty too, and here’s a great idea as to how you can help!

  • Grab a shallow dish – this can be anything from a bowl in your kitchen, to a plastic pot headed for the recycling. A clean, empty mushroom tub or sausage tray would work perfectly.
  • Fill with different sized marbles or similar sized stones – this creates a platform for the insects to sit on whilst drinking.
  • Find a level spot to place your drinking station
  • Finally – Fill it two thirds of they way with fresh tap water.

Step back and watch to see which insects visit!

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Use both sides of the paper

Paper is one of the largest polluters, taking 10 litres of water to produce a single sheet of A4!

Paper production is also one of the largest contributors towards deforestation. Producing just 1 kilo of paper, requires 2-3 times its weight in trees.

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Create a DIY Bird Bath

To make a bird bath that’s safe and accessible, it needs to have shallow, sloping sides, be as wide as possible, and have a maximum depth of 10cm.  An old dustbin lid or large shallow plant saucer are good options.

Once you’ve found your bath, follow the easy steps below:

  1. Choose where you want to place your bird bath
  2. Make the surface nice a level so the bath won’t tip over
  3. Place your chosen bath on to the surface and fill with stones, pebbles, large marbles etc. This is to stop the bird getting completely soaked through or stuck.
  4. Finally fill the bath with water and hey presto!

Show us your own creations by adding your iDot to the website. idot-waf.org.uk/submit-a-post/

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Fix that dripping tap

Did you know – If your tap drips 10 times per minute, you are wasting 3 litres of water, per day.

Thats a whooping 1,578 litres per year!

You are not only increasing your water bill, but you are also wasting vital water resources.

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Fit a better shower head

A power shower head can deliver 60 litres of water during a shower – you could reduce that by a fifth.

Simply fit a water saving head!

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