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Create a DIY Bird Bath

It’s super easy to make a bird bath that’s safe and accessible for the birds that visit your garden. Simply find something that is shallow, has sloping sides, is as wide as possible and has a maximum depth of 10cm. An old dustbin lid or large shallow plant saucer are both good options.

Once you’ve found your bath, follow the easy steps below:
– Choose where you want to place your bird bath – Make the surface nice a level so the bath won’t tip over
– Place your chosen bath on to the surface and fill with stones, pebbles, large marbles etc. This is to stop the bird getting completely soaked through or stuck.
– Finally fill the it with water and hey presto!

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Our Pond

When we built the Pond it was only a couple of months before the Frogs moved in.  We now have Dragonflies and Newts too.

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