Watch out for badger cubs

At this time of the year and although still very young, badger cubs will start to make their first appearances above ground.

Keep an eye out in your garden or whilst out on your daily walk – but remember to keep your distance, as mum won’t be far away foraging for food!

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Avoid cutting back hedges and trees in your garden

Birds are nesting and garden hedges not only provide the perfect protection from predators, they also provide vital food sources.

In the UK, its an illegal offence to disturb a nesting site, so, from March through to the end of July, make sure you hold off on trimming back your garden foliage.

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Watch Wildlife Aid’s LIVE Webcams!

Schools are closed and self-isolation is in full swing, but here’s something to keep the kids occupied for a few hours. Did you know you can now watch this years first fox cubs, LIVE, on The Wildlife Aid Foundation’s website: wildlife

Whilst Covid-19 hits the UK, wildlife centres like ours, are doing everything they can to stay open and care for our sick, injured and orphaned British wildlife.

Whilst watching the tiny fox cubs play, why not make a small donation to help towards their care!

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Spreading the word!

These are information sheets about idot .

I’m giving them to my classmates to get involved and hopefully they will post something.

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Start teaching your children, early on, that the planet matters

The next generation are the ones that will save our planet. It only takes 30 seconds to show your child how to place an item in the recycling. This is just one example. Our website is filled with activities to teach you children how important nature and the environment around them really is!

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