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WAF has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing sick, injured and orphaned wild animals since 1980. We have learned a lot about British wildlife and how best to live alongside it. But our wildlife is struggling. More than half of our wildlife is in decline and the environment is under pressure as never before. Urbanisation, deforestation, pollution, climate change, global warming – we hear about them all the time, but they are huge topics – so huge that, as individuals, we feel completely powerless to help. That’s where iDot comes in.

iDot stands for iDo One Thing. The concept is simple. If enough people do one small action each day to benefit the natural world, the combination of those action will add up to something huge. Those actions don’t have to be huge. An ‘iDot’ can be as small as picking up a discarded tin can so a hedgehog doesn’t get trapped in it or turning off a tap while you clean your teeth to save water.

As teachers, if we know the simple actions we can take to make that difference and then share that knowledge with children, they will grow into adults that understand how to protect the environment.

Think about the number of children in your class; 30 children doing one action each per week for the environment would add up to 1,560 actions for the environment a year. An action a day (and it could be as simple as picking up litter or not using a plastic straw) would be an amazing 10,950 actions!

And, if your whole school did iDot – then imagine the change your school could make.
Let’s think bigger – there are 4.2 million primary age children in the UK. If every primary school took part in iDot and just did one action per day, that would be a staggering 1,533,000,000,000 actions to help the environment. Now that’s pupil power!
Our iDot resources are all curriculum linked for KS1 and 2. They are designed to be used together to create a year-long themed project, but each element can also be used independently. Join our characters iSee, iHear, iDo and iPlan in some brilliant activities that really will make a difference!

Remember to upload all of your iDots, to show us what you’ve done and inspire other teachers!

Baseline tracker:

Find out what’s in your school grounds. The tracker helps you to find out about the plants and animals in the area around you. Using the tracker and planner, work as a class to identify what there is now, then, once you’ve done the assessment, you can plan what you will do to improve your local environment. Download the tracker and planner here

Wildlife cards:

What does a baby badger look like? Where would you find dragonflies in the foodchain? How heavy is a swallow? This set of wildlife cards are great for learning about British wildlife. Either download the cards to print them out in school or order a set from WAF


* Please note that any images submitted within an iDot post, will be viewed by all schools taking part in the iDot project

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